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Selecting Solar Panels Based on 3 Aspects

There are many solar panel options in today's industry and the decision can easily become overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are actually Three crucial considerations that home owners should take when looking for the best solar panels. Warranty, production, Cleaner NRG and efficiency are on the list.

The amount of electricity you receive will depend on the total amount of panels you need that is why considering the production of your solar panels is important. Options vary from 250 to 360 watt panels and will impact how much you can save. Solar panels with a lower production (such as 250 watts panels) will require you to have more panels in order to provide you with the same outcome as less panels with a higher production (such as 360 watt panels).

The efficiency and degradation rate of your solar panels will directly impact the endurance of your panels and the amount they generate after a few years. The efficiency of solar panels on the market today vary from 12.4 - 22% efficiency. SunPower X-Series panels are among the most efficient choices today because they have 22.8% efficiency. Panels may differ in degradation rates. It may be practical to try the brand new SPWR panels from SunPower since they have a degradation rate of no more than 0.3% per year. Before choosing a solar panel, it is important that you require one with long term production since going solar is regarded a longer-term commitment.

Homeowners should also look into the provided warranties when looking for the best solar panels. There are two parts of warranties, namely a power and product warranty. Every manufacturer and installer has their own specific warranties. Homeowners can rely on the power warranty in case the solar panels are not creating the right amount as promised while they can use the product warranty to get the parts (including the solar panels and the inverters) repaired by the company for free just in case they malfunction. You should look into how long these warranties will last and also their coverage. Some manufacturers will cover things such as delivery and labour costs of removing and replacing the panels where by others will not. In addition, some companies will only incorporate a ten-year product warranty where by other, like SunPower will include a 25 year.

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